Press Play Vol.1


Hi. It’s been a while.

Not gonna lie, the pressure of being in my third year of uni and so close to stepping into “the real world” is getting to me. I am very much aware of the lack of updates on both my YouTube channel and on the blog here for the past while. No, I have not given up on them. They are very much on the back of my mind everyday. It has just been challenging finding a balance between school, work, and having a social life. And sleep. Sleep is important too.

But hey! I’m back. And first order of business: spread some good vibes.

I’m one of those people who cannot live without music. It really keeps me going, especially when life gets just a bit too stressful. So I decided to put together some tunes I have been listening to. There’s no particular theme or even commonality among these songs; the playlist is quite a mishmash of a bit of everything.

Press play when you are studying, doing chores, or just walking down the streets.

I hope you like it.

Michelle x