School Ready

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Happy September!

School doesn’t start for another two weeks – surprisingly late this year – and I’m not complaining. But for those who are going back to school soon, I thought I would put together this school-ready outfit for y’all.

(outfits details below)


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Denim has been a very popular trend this past year and it’s still going strong. Not only is it a stylish element that adds more texture to the outfit, a thicker denim piece also provides sufficient warmth as the temperature drops a little bit. I found these boyfriend jeans at a second-hand store and they fit me surprisingly well – instant brownie points here, given how difficult it is to find bottom wear pieces that are almost exactly my size. Going for a youthful and schoolappropriate look, I paired the jeans with a baseball tee. It’s simple yet still catches your eye with those vibrant red sleeves.

DSC_0182DSC_0137 edited 2 DSC_0146 edited

How sick is this wall of eyes? It totally gave me the 1984 “big brother is watching you” vibe.

9DSC_0269 DSC_0134_1_meitu_3 DSC_0284 edited DSC_0246

After a few months of real-life-real-adult-nine-to-five work, it would be nice to go back to a learning environment where everything is (kind of, sort of) easier. By mid-October though (aka. midterm season), I will probably regret saying this. But for now, like the title of this post reads, I am 100% ready to go back to school!

DSC_0287 edited

baseball tee: AA | boyfriend jeans: thrifted | converse: China

Peace out. See ya in a bit!


Michelle x


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