Sun Baby

DSC_0803 cargo

As the heat tails off in Ottawa, I am here to share with you perhaps the last summer dress I will be wearing until the season rolls around again next year. These photos were taken back in June yet I have been delaying this post for two months now. Procrastination really gets the best of me sometimes. My excuse has been that I am exhausted after a day of work, but now that I am finished with my summer job, I am ready to have some more creativity and freedom back in my life!

On a side note, I, like a lot of people, have yet to figure out what it is that I want to do in my life. But sitting in an office six hours a day, five days a week for the past few months have made me realize what I do not want to do, and it is exactly that. I want to be out and about, running from one place to another, always be on my feet, and literally be so busy that I do not have the time to drink a glass of water. I want to do that while I’m still young, when I still can and when life hasn’t yet killed the drive and passion in me. One of my ‘dream jobs’ is definitely doing photography and outfit styling, so I guess I’ve kind of combined the two here?

DSC_0795 cargo

Rarely do I go out with the intention of doing a proper fashion shoot, usually these just happen spontaneously. And I’ve come to realize that I often don’t actually have a theme in a set of photos – their commonality sort of just stops at involving the same outfit and the same person. Preparedness, that’s something I need to be better at.

DSC_0759 cargoDSC_0807 cargo

But the thing about spontaneity, you see, is that it leaves you room for improvisation. As I was editing these photos, a vibe sort of manifested itself. Perhaps my mind was unconsciously creating something I wasn’t aware of at the time these were taken.

DSC_0798 cargoDSC_0815 cargo DSC_0806 cargo

With these nine photographs, I want to depict something that’s so faint that it’s just about to disappear. The sunlight played a big part in this set of photos. It, to me, is sort of that thing or feeling (warmth I guess) that’s very dim and light and delicate, that’s sort of there but if you don’t pay enough attention, poof, it’s gone.

DSC_0756 cargoDSC_0802 cargo

Dress: F21

Photos by Katie. Nikon D5200.

Michelle x


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