Spring Strolling

A few weekends ago I headed up (or west?) to visit a friend in Mississauga, which is only about an hour away from downtown Toronto. I was greeted with so much kindness from my friend, her parents, and even her parents’ friends. During the span of two days, I tried, for the first time in my life, real authentic Indian food and snacks (which were delicious), watched a Bollywood movie, had my leggings ripped by an easily excited and overly enthusiastic Maltese Shih Tzu, and got my fair share of vitamin D from a little photo shoot sesh in the park.

(see outfit details below)

DSC_0677editedDSC_0678edited2The Riverwood park is a lovely location completely open to the public. There were plenty of families taking an afternoon stroll and photographers trying to capture some signs of spring before it disappeared again.

DSC_0759DSC_0866 DSC_0747editedDSC_0865edited_meitu_2DSC_0679editedDSC_0833editedDSC_0811editedDSC_0858DSC_0719edited

<< Details >>

Mustard top: H&M; denim jacket: thrifted; leggings: F21; boots: Call It Spring; sunglasses: F21


Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed this blog post! See y’all next time friends!

Michelle, x


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