Spring Strolling

A few weekends ago I headed up (or west?) to visit a friend in Mississauga, which is only about an hour away from downtown Toronto. I was greeted with so much kindness from my friend, her parents, and even her parents’ friends. During the span of two days, I tried, for the first time in my life, real authentic Indian food and snacks (which were delicious), watched a Bollywood movie, had my leggings ripped by an easily excited and overly enthusiastic Maltese Shih Tzu, and got my fair share of vitamin D from a little photo shoot sesh in the park.

(see outfit details below)

DSC_0677editedDSC_0678edited2The Riverwood park is a lovely location completely open to the public. There were plenty of families taking an afternoon stroll and photographers trying to capture some signs of spring before it disappeared again.

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The West Side

Guess what? I survived second year!DSC_0199 edited_meitu_6

Just as last year, my exams once again ended on the last day. Luckily though, I had a bit more time to linger in Toronto this time. So this post, and the next few, are essentially visual records of my adventures with some awesome humans in the past week or so. Hope you enjoy this potpourri of photographs.

Toronto is known for a lot of things: CN Tower, Raptors, Drake, TIFF, Rob Ford, to just name a few. Did you know though, that last year Vogue rated the Queen West area of Toronto the second hippest neighborhood in the world! After doing some exploring there myself, I can say that the neighborhood truly lives up to its reputation. Queen Street West is filled with  independent boutiques, adorable stationery stores and countless highly Yelp-rated cafes and restaurants.

We strolled down to Trinity Bellwoods park where we relived our childhood on the playground and talked about how we used to swing a lot higher and climb the monkey bars a lot better… sigh.



Outfit details: Sunglasses: F21; Top: Dynamite; Sweater: Gerry Weber (thrifted); Boyfriend jeans: Style & Co. (thrifted); Flats: China; Tote bag: MUJI

DSC_0010 edited
Tote bag: MUJI (New York City map edition)

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