A Vagabond in Velvet


It has been a good week for a few reasons. I finally got a break from school after so many days of test-studying and so many nights of essay writing (which to be honest was really the result of my endless procrastination). And the terrible cold I was going through last week got a bit better and I can once again breath through my nose and talk in a relatively normal voice, so that’s some good news in the health department.

On top of all of that, the weather is warming up. Naturally, I had to take advantage of that. So on Friday, we took a trip to the Allan Gardens Conservatory and did a little photo shoot. The place was an absolute beaut, every corner was a perfect photo op.

DSC_0085  DSC_0245

The greenroom was comfortably temperate. It was great to take off our winter jackets and feel the summer warmth when the snow is still visible on the pavement outside.

Allan Gardens-0002_meitu_3

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