Tea with Bree

Spontaneity is something I have learned to appreciate very much since I started university.

One of my housemates, Bree, is probably one of the coolest people I’ve met in my life, so far. We’ve had so many instances where a quick 10-minutes conversation turns into hour-long talks about film, religious beliefs, and loving life. Our friendship is interesting – I think we’ve got just the right amount of privacy to ourselves. On the one hand, we can talk about profound and deep things that we only share with those closest to us; on the other hand, with every conversation we have, we learn something new about each other. And I love that.

Bree’s art works.

I discovered today that Bree owns a Pentax Q pocket camera. I’ve seen so many similar models on Tumblr but to touch and work with it in real life for the first time was, frankly, quite exciting! It’s dainty and light, easy to work, and can definitely produce some v nice images.

Poster and light wreath with semi-inverted build-in filter.

The Pentax Q also comes with two interchangeable lenses, including a fish-eye one. Some people think this is overrated (to be honest, I was one of them) but man, once you’ve worked with it, it’s hella rad.

tbh probably thinking about my next meal


Last comment: David’s tea’s rooibos is very tasty. I recommend it.



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